Carol Sanford



Tenet #1
Working consciously means not making trade-offs between stakeholders since you understand the systems relationships and how to work WITH them as a system, not setting them AGAINST one another.

Tenet #2
Working consciously links financial effectiveness (earnings, margins and cash flow) to daily work of each organizational member, each performance plan, personal and business, and links every action to the effect on customers and markets, no matter what one's position in the organization.

Tenet #3
Working consciously is fundamental to innovation, growth and improvement, enabling the linking of thinking and action to effects and effectiveness.

Tenet #4
Working consciously ensures understanding of the effect of particular work practices on the overall health and viability of the business through time. It also ensures avoiding practices that are toxic to consciousness, a key leadership responsibility.

Tenet #5
Working consciously is the foundational cause of good people management, good financials performance, good market position, customer loyalty, and is found in the most admired and revered companies-even when they do not understand that consciousness is underlying their success.

Tenet #6
Working consciously can be undermined or eroded, most often by blindly copying business practices or adopting a poorly considered philosophy of management; Consciousness is critical in Strategic, Operational or Leadership methods and consideration of the systemic effects of these methods and practices.