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Speaking: Accolades

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What Professionals Say...

Finn Hovland, Senior Vice President, DuPont of Canada:
"Carol Sanford, a most insightful, sensitive, persuasive and effective speaker, is the person who has made a positive difference to our organization's competitive advantage."

Will Lynn, Clorox Group, Corporation Vice President:
"Carol can explain why and how the changes work rather than simply suggesting changes and which lets you continue to extend the capability. She really knows what she is talking about".

John Hanby, VP of R&D, Potlatch:
"I am consistently impressed by the foresight of Carol. Concepts and approaches are introduced by her, which are five or ten years later brought forward in leading books and articles. Just last week I attended a conference on innovative thinking. Once again, ideas were presented which I experienced a number of years earlier from Carol."

Stelios Tsezos, GM for Oral Care Europe, Colgate-Palmolive:
"Carol is one of the very few people I have met which has influenced deeply my professional and business life."

Jeff Gill, Manager of Organization Design, UNOCAL Energy:
"The only time in my career that I have had a learning experience where I deeply examined my principles was when Carol helped us rethink how we do business. She helped the leadership reframe their thinking. Her value system is very different from other presenters."

Carolyn McKnight, International HR Mgr., Tektronix Corp.:
"Carol has the ability to invite, indeed to compel others, to consciously improve the quality of their thinking. Her message is a wake-up call, and the messenger brings a much needed reminder of how we can be when we are awake."

W B White, Business Director, DuPont Specialty Chemicals:
"My exposure to Carol thinking and capability has been invaluable to my personal growth and the results of my businesses. She has insights that help me see what I need to work on next."
James B. Palmer Jr., Vice President, James River Corporation:
"Your "workshops'' gave me an understanding of just what leadership meant and what it requires from me to be a leader."

Ralph D. Parnell, International Representative, United Paperworkers Int'l Union:
"Carol is a very unique person, possessing the rare ability to inspire people to move from the tunnel vision that prevents most of us from functioning at the level which we are truly capable of; to a three hundred and sixty degree field of vision where we can utilize all of the potential that we possess to benefit all of those with whom we interact as we travel through life."

David Dean, Senior Manager, The Kingsford Products: Company
"Carol's business and personal capability is higher than any person offering talk or seminars I have experienced (beyond what I thought possible)."

Rob William, Craft Warehouse:
"By applying what we learned we have many success stories. Today we have people working with us holding our actions true to our vision. Never have we had so many people (other than shareholders) as passionate about our work!"

Marti Johnson, Executive Director for Residential Resources:
"This work on consciousness provided a language and way of thinking that helped us clarify our focus and align our processes. We are energized in a way that has been missing for some time. This has already made a difference. Sometimes you just know when you have found the real thing. This is it."