Carol Sanford



Business Systems Development
Public series for 4-6 companies, held in three regions in the U.S. as well as in the U.K.; internal company series (including Clorox, DuPont, Weyerhaeuser, Pacific Telesis, Colgate-Palmolive, Crown Zellerbach, Goodrich, James River Paper, Hunt Wesson, Cincinnati Microwave, Yahoo, Agilent, Silicon Graphics, Sharp Electronics, and Seventh Generation among others. Business strategy, leadership and/or organizational development, resulting in significant improvement in competitive effectiveness, industry leadership and sustainable growth earnings margins and cash flow.

Ongoing on and offsite workshops and video conferences for entrepreneurs, managers, educators, business leaders and others creating regenerative organizations and practices.

The "Management Expert" for the NW Region SBA radio and TV Broadcasts.

Educational Systems Development
Program and curriculum design and development of charter or private schools based on a developmental approach to K-12 education. Worked with local schools and school boards on redesigning education principles to particularly address the development of the uniqueness and distinctiveness of each child and teacher, while building thinking, judgment and decision-making into the curriculum and school governance processes.

Community Systems Development
Worked with business and community leaders in South Africa and Kenya to prepare educational programs for election and governance preparation (prior to and after the first national elections), family bonding (Kenya), and social processes for managing community development and sustainability of neighborhoods and families (South Africa and Kenya). Worked in conjunction with Colgate-Palmolive to develop business teams and factories in South Eastern Africa based on their support for strengthening the social and self-governance capacity of the country, as well as business.

Worked with Kingsford Charcoal as part of business development, in the creation of materials, training, and trainer capability for corporate community mentoring projects in four states to raise level of literacy, family financial management skills, family development and individual competitive effectiveness in job market. The program won a State Award in Kentucky for "effective community contribution" in 1995 and raised levels of literacy from 36% to 90% in participating families and significantly lowered rate of family violence. Success was also achieved in West Virginia, Alabama, and Missouri initiatives with Kingsford support programs.

Currently serves on Board of Directors of "Jessica's Love" Foundation, which is focused on enabling community-based child development processes through funding for whole system interventions using broad-based education and community development. Utilized foundation grants from Fireman's Fund Insurance to help design education films and materials for non-profit social agencies working to reduce family-related violence, child abuse, and school dropout rate in San Francisco Bay Area communities. Produced training materials and processes for several government and non-profit agencies working with education, business and community leaders regarding working with adults and children with disabilities.

Collaborator in creation and development of Creative Grandparenting, an inter-generational mentoring program in Wilmington, DE, with in-school, community-based and alternative activity program mentoring. Design and lead introduction of Creative Mentoring® as National Program. Won the National Governor's Award in 1998 for Distinctive in Program Design and Effectiveness.

Awarded Athena Award in Washington in 1999 for excellence in business, community and mentoring.

Family Systems Development
Conducts parenting workshops on developmental parenting processes and practices from "conception to independence," teaching age-appropriate, development-appropriate, and dominance-appropriate strategies. These workshops also work to enable parents to develop the full potential of each child and family member, taking into account community and global perspectives.

Conducts family workshops and events as an extension of other development events, in communities with business clients, to encourage better understanding and appreciation of the other members of a family and to improve problem-solving skills as a family.

Conducts relationship workshops to improve the capability of committed couples to create a higher purpose for the relationship, to be involved in the development and growth of one another, and to discover and contribute from the uniqueness of each partner. Television series on Healthy Family Dynamics for CVTV Portland/Vancouver.

Personally played a core role in the development of four at-risk youth into young adults by in-depth involvement in personal family processes, providing a home for extended periods to support "cooling off" periods for the natural family, and personal and social development for child or teen. Worked as a family unit, including with birth children, to create and upgrade processes. Worked with "acquired family members" through college and beyond.

Personal Development
Conducted personal development sessions in 22 communities in United States and Europe for families, while simultaneously working with corporate clients.

Conducts ongoing personal development series in Washington, attended by persons interested in ongoing or continued personal self-development with a developmental philosophy.

Education and Teaching Positions

University of California at Berkeley
BA Industrial Economics, 1966- Emphasis in business systems development. BA Political Science, 1967- Emphasis in public law.

San Jose State University
MA Community and Urban Studies, 1974- Emphasis in business, community and social/urban systems development.

Director, Strategic Leadership Institute, Washington State University, Vancouver 1999-2005. Certification program; Antioch University Seattle, City University Int'l Business School

Assistant Faculty at San Jose State University 1974-1977 teaching "Social and Psychological Patterns of Business and Community Systems" for urban studies, cybernetic system, and business graduate students.

Adjunct Faculty at University of San Francisco 1977-1982 teaching interpersonal communication skills, mentoring students, personal growth courses for the school of Rehabilitation and Health-Care Administration.

Adjunct Faculty at Foothill Community College 1976-1978 teaching business communications, supervision, and training and development theory and practice.

Publications and Presentations
Over 40 papers and articles published in journals and books on developmental perspective on systems evolution. Some relate specifically to education processes in families and schools, and others to business systems. Writings are translated into 10 languages.

Has served as a key speaker or workshop leader for over 100 conferences and international meetings in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

Frequent contributor to Stephen Covey's Executive Excellence and Berrett-Koehler's At Work newsletters.

Produced and delivered presentations in 11 video/DVDs on Business and Strategic Leadership